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Now Serving over 700 Moving Companies

Now Serving over 700 Moving Companies

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A History of Software Success


In 1980, Howard Worrell, owner of one of Virginia's largest moving & storage agencies, made a substantial investment in a new computer system for his company.  Purported to be specifically for the industry, this system subsequently gave two years of total frustration and mounting expense.  Realizing the futility of these efforts, he finally scrapped it completely and began the arduous task of designing a system better suited to the needs of a mover.  The primary goal was to have a comprehensive, fully integrated operations and accounting computer system specifically for use in an agency.


Remembering earlier frustrations with a computer system that was anything but "user friendly", the new system would require an absolute minimum in training to operate.


Soon it became apparent that other associates in the moving and storage business were experiencing the same problems with inadequate computer software.  However, in order to capitalize on the mounting interest in the software package, Worrell had a major decision to make - what to do about his own successful but time-consuming moving and storage company.  It was finally decided to go with the new found interest.  Thus, in January 1985, he sold the moving and storage business and has since then devoted all efforts to Direct Systems, Inc., the computer system and software company.


With an eye toward future expansion, all of those employees who had been involved with the development, utilization and support of the computer system eventually moved over to Direct Systems, giving the company a strong nucleus of knowledgeable employees.  Their ability to understand the "language" as well as the peculiarities of the moving industry has been very reassuring to the users of the Direct system when they call in with questions.  Meet our team.


Movers nationwide readily accepted this honest, straightforward approach.  With over 700 installations across North America, Direct quickly became the largest provider of software to the moving and storage industry.  A brief conversation with any of these satisfied customers would indicate the Direct Systems is well suited for this leadership role. Direct's IBS is the only complete Web Enabled Software for Movers of all sizes.


Having established itself as the leading IT developer in moving and storage software, the company will not be content to rest on it's past accomplishments.  New advances in software and hardware technology as well as continuing changes in the moving industry must be addressed.  Direct Systems' staff members regularly meet with van line personnel and other key individuals, including their own customers, in order to determine the future course of events.  As the recognized expert in software for movers, Direct will certainly play a major role in shaping these events.

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